"The noblest art is that of making others happy and volunteering"

Helping others and volunteering is the art of making others happy. While this may feel it’s the reason enough for you to volunteer there are lots of other benefits to do so in the beautiful land of Morocco, and neighboring countries.

Craft your own experience


Teach a language & culture

Many institutions lack the competencies and resources to support their communities. You can teach any language and get an insight into social, cultural, and developmental issues. It is the best way to share knowledge and have an impact on many generations. Come volunteer in Rabat, we are waiting for you. 

Women's empowerment

We believe that innovation and development highly depend on girls reaching their full potential. You can change the lives of many marginalized girls through mentorship and volunteering. Despite making up half of the world's population, millions of women and girls are perceived as inferior to their communities. Have an impact today and demystify this perception!

Volunteer with an NGO

Spend this summer volunteering with an NGO, which is active in any of the following areas: humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, environmental, refugees crisis, enviromental advocay. 
Our founding mission is to help citizens of the world have an impact and promote intercultural discussions. We will be happy to make our expertise at your disposal and craft fulfilling activities  over your stay.  

What is included

Housing and board
Meals and snacks
Meals and snacks
24/7 assistance
Volunteering placement
Weekend trips (upon availability)

Fees and Tuitions

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