4 Things that students at Monash University should do.

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

  • Apply to your university's scholarships

As a student in Monash university, you should not miss out on some important scholarships and grants deadlines. There are two main upcoming scholarships that you have to apply to if eligible:

a-The Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Excellence, which is due by November 6th, and offers $6000 for one year. The scholarship is based on need and academic excellence.

b- The Monash Community Leaders Scholarship, which is due by October 31sth, and offers a $4000 for one year. This scholarship is offered to more than 300 students.

  • Don't miss international internship deadlines at Google, Facebook...

If you are interested in computer science, business development, or Economics, you have to apply to the Google BOLD summer internship and Facebook ones before mid-November. Most deadlines at US firms and banking institutions are around this time. We can suggest a couple of websites that share these type of opportunities: oyaop.com and youthop.com

  • Plan your holiday and apply for travel grant

You need to take advantage of the Araland fund to travel to Morocco and take a language class. All applicants from Monash university do benefit from an automatic $650 discount on tuition and fees. The fund is not associated with the university, but has a selected list of universities around the world, from which Araland is interested to recruit students. You can apply through the form and choose the right program. For any question, you can contact the admissions office at admission@aralandabroad.com .

This a great opportunity if you are considering studying abroad in Morocco or learning Arabic abroad. With a 9.9 rating from GoAbroad, Araland is proud to serve its students from around the world.

  • Start investing in stocks and take advantage for the current discount at Etoro

A $10,000 invested in Netflix in 2009 would be worth $609,733 in 2019. You should take advantage of investing in your early 20s and enjoy greater return in the future. If you don't how to actually buy a stock, you should check the the Etoro platform, which has currently lowered the initial deposit to $50 from $200 and has a world-wide reputation for its educational tools, leverages, and intuitive interface. We highly recommend joining it and opting for long term investment as a habit. It is home of more than 10 millions investors world-wide, and is regulated by an ASIC license.

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