Arabic & Hadeeth Program

Class descritption

The course is an analysis of Sahih Al Bukhari, one of the Kutub al-Sittah of Sunni Islam
combined with an introduction to the Moroccan dialect or Arabic. It provides an in-depth study of the chief concepts of Sahih al Bukhari. Therefore, it will be examined from the perspective of an
experienced professor. The class will analyze the interplay of numerous factors that help us
to critically understand the hadith.  Al-Bukhari dedicated 16 years to collecting trustworthy
hadiths from a collection of nearly 600,000 narrations. The book covers all aspects of life
and provides proper guidance of Islam derived from the Prophet Muhammad. The study of Al Hadeeth and Islam abroad in Morocco will be a life-changing experience.

The Language classes seek to develop the student’s linguistic, analytical and cultural skills.
They are intended to help you fully benefit from your stay and appreciate the Moroccan
Muslim culture. It will fully immerse you while interacting with your peer local students.

The empirical aim of intertwining the Language & Sahih al Bukhari is to contribute to the
education of a good practicing Muslim who is a committed citizen yet global in his
endeavors and contributions.

This is an advanced and intensive class. Therefore, students are responsible for completing
the assignments and devoting a considerable amount of time to keep up with the
accelerated pace of the course.

Placement exam 

A placement exam is proctored for you upon your arrival to the program. The faculty and staff will assess your level and assign you your class.


Marrakech-Sahara-Chefchaouen- Fes


Private appartments-Host family-shared rooms- single gender host family


Cooking workshop, Calligraphy, 

Cafe language, Volunteering


4-8 weeks 


Your Language course will be taught by a native speaker who has experience in teaching the language for international students. Professors are able to speak English and will answer your subtle and nuanced questions comfortably.

Your Islamic education professors are graduates from the prestigious Dar Al hadith al hassania and the Mohammed 6 Institute for Quranic studies, which are both supervised by his highness King Mohammed 6. Those two institutions are highly competitive with a class size of 40 local students and 4 international students. Therefore, the education and selection of professors is of premium quality.


We want our students to have a clear idea about the content of their classes while studying abroad in Morocco. We have included a template syllabus of what you will learn in Rabat. ​

Click on the icon to download the hadeeth syllabus​