Araland Internationalization E-Academy

Virtual Host Family & Cultural Understanding

E-Academy purpose

Our mission is to help universities pursue the internationalization of curriculums within campuses and open access to international literacy and cultural exchange. The E-Academy offers a culturally immersive experience using technology as a leverage to open the opportunity for more students. 

The primary purpose is to provide practical support for institutions to help them expand access to international education by making our resources and team at their disposale. 

Why Internationalization ?

Our educational team is well aware of the financial and logistical constraints that prevent students from pursuing cultural awareness. We believe in the importance of internationalization for the following reasons:

- Expensive study abroad programs might not be financially sustainable for universities. 

- The Internationalized curriculum is more inclusive and scalable. 

- Bringing International opportunities to the classroom by leveraging technology.

- Flexibility to discuss critical ideas and opinions in a safe environment.

- Enable colleges to allocate resources towards critical needs. 

Program Content

The design of our curriculum aims at reproducing the key learning outcomes of living with a host family. The individual meetings will be organized through zoom or WebEx, and will take into consideration the time difference of the student and the trained instructor.

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Tuition & Deadline

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We understand that tuition fees might represent a financial burden for some students. Please, let us know if it's the case. With our joint efforts, we can make it happen through financial aid and grants. The program and curriculum design are supported by "Universal Network For Educational Services, Sarl" and "Masa Global Investment, UK". 

For questions related to curriculum inquiry, please email

For questions related to admission & enrollment, please email 

Global Impact

These are some of the future leaders who trusted our services. We strongly believe in their potential of having an impact within their communities and the world.