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Language and Humanities


The program is crafted to develop student proficiency and communication in Modern Standard Arabic, French, or Spanish while studying abroad in your chosen country. The integrative training is a gateway to the rich components of cultures, within the framework of intercultural dialogue and communication.

Placement exam 

A placement exam is proctored for you upon your arrival to the program. The faculty and staff will assess your level and assign you to your class.

Language classes 
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Partner Institutions

To serve its students, Araland has partnered with many Arabic centers and schools. Classes may take place at one of those centers over the winter, spring and summer sessions. we make sure that you will have an amazing study abroad opportunity. Among the universities that we have the privilege to work with: 

- Mohammed V University in Rabat

- Universite International de Rabat

- Qalam Institute

- Universidad Carlos de Madrid III

- Angelia Ruskin University

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